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  1. Kay, thanks for your comment! We're praying it's God's will for us to move to Alaska. It's been Chad's dream and we have friends heading out there and have good friends already there and yes it'll be Richardson! I'm getting excited thinking about it! Not sure if you've been told, but I have already been told to get a membership at Costco in Anchorage. I guess they have the best fruits and veggies and best prices!! :) Hope we get to meet!

    God Bless

    1. We did just get the Costco membership this week. I was able to budget the startup fee with hubby gone this week. We have settled in and are just loving it here!!! I hope you guys can locate yourselves here soon!!

  2. Hello! It's Cheryl from "Say What?" I can't seem to email you, either. At least the link isn't working. Email me at We used a WONDERFUL company to get our pets here to Hawaii. I'll forward you the link.


  3. Dear Kay,
    How we miss you all in Maryland! We are looking forward to getting to plan a visit there, provided the Army doesn't get a mind to ship you out before we can. :-( Hugs to all the kids from Gran & PaPa. Will email you soon and catch you up, although it's not that exciting. :)


  4. For some reason, my computer is acting up trying to e-mail you about a swap. I would love to put you and your husbands buttons on my site. I don't see yours so if you want to email both of them to me that would be great. My blog is and email is


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