25 January 2011

where the snow is????!!!!!

Ok, I happen to love this snow/winter background on my blog, but there has been no snow to speak of here in the area!!  They had over 20" over last winter here and when we moved in, we told the kids all about that.  So now we are all disappointed with the almost 6" we have had over 3 snow falls while my best friend in MN had over a foot fall in just the time she was out here with us :-(

So I am tempted to change my background from what I truly do like to something else while I try to ignore the non-snowfall here.  I am from the Midwest, I do love the snow, I don't even mind driving out in it.  I just like the white fun toy that God gives during the winter months.  Ah well... I guess we can always pray for some next year, though I believe the commuters in the area may string me up an oak tree!!

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