14 February 2011

Cute Conversations

The following conversation happened at dinner Saturday night.  We were discussing the fact that we had to attend both Sunday services because Daddy was preaching the evening service.  I always get a kick out of what the little kids hear and interpret from any conversation...this was no different :-)

Some people don't go to church
Cuz is tozed?
Nope, not closed, they just don't go.
Because they don't believe in God.
I b'leev in Dod.
Well, good honey.
So I ten do to chuch.
D'yu b'leev in Dod?
Yes, I do.
(he then asked everyone at the table if they "bleeved in Dod")
Dood, we ten all do to chuch!

the other thing this 3yr old did that cracked me up was something that I probably won't get down right on here.  I wish I had a camera.

During the same meal above, my son was obviously watching me.  He has originally asked for his South Carolina BBQ meat, plan, on his plate.  Then suddenly, grabbed the buns bag, pulled out a bun, slapped it on his plate.  He grabbed his pile of BBQ meat and slammed that on his bun, quickly followed by a few slivers of onion, a pickle, and the bun top.  With his new concoction in one hand, picking up a large potato chip in the other announced "mom, this is how super heroes eat it!"  He quickly shoved the chip in and took a large bite of his sandwich, almost at the same time!!  He then chewed comically and gave me a huge thumbs up!!  it just cracked me up!!  So now you all know how super heroes eat their SC BBQ!!

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  1. Oh how adorable! I love listening to those conversations!


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