24 February 2011

Update on Dad

Dad will most likely be having his triple bypass surgery Friday, though his blood thinner has tapered off leaving his system this last day or so.  I was not able to get home to see him, which was very hard to accept.  I got very sick with some stupid viral thing, complete with chills and whole body aches.  It was insane.  2x we got in the van to head home, but a leaking coolant system and bald tires, along with my hurting just sitting there, sent us back to the house the first time.  The second time I was so very ready to go, but had to face the reality that I would not be allowed to see him being this sick... so why drive the 2 days drive just to sit nearby in some waiting room, quarantined from anyone seeing my dad for only 2 days, then drive the 2 days back.  Talking with my dad on the phone after the 1st attempt, he said "you need to listen to God's 2x4 sweetie."  See??  I just love my dad!  My mother said "listen to the signs girlie."  So we stayed here.

I am so very thankful to have such a rich heritage!  I also had a peaceful encounter with God while I lay in bed whining about not getting to go.  As I was praying a not so holy prayer, I realized something.  My pastor's wife is always saying hold the things of this world loosely, because ultimately, it all belongs to God. I realized that I do tend to hold my family fairly firmly.  My hubby, my children, my parents, my sisters...I just don't want God to take any of that from me.  I turned my family in to an idol that I put above my love and faith of God.  This is a bad thing.  It's not bad to love your family, and I will protect and defend my children with my life if necessary!  But they are ultimately God's, just as my father with his 3 seriously blocked arteries is God's.  It was a wonderful moment and a calming one for me.  I also have the added peace that I will see my folks in heaven again, and that is going to be for a whole lot longer than this fleeting time on earth!  Praise God!!

Now you have been updated ;-)  I have had one horrible week.  I have not had a lick of coffee and no cold cereal with milk :-(  Nothing tastes good to eat, super bummer!  But I am feeling peaceful in my heart.  I did get to skype with my dad last night and just got to look at him and hear him laugh... it was wonderful!! I so appreciate this computer age!!


  1. I had a similar chat with God, as I was praying, telling God that I wasn't ready to lose my father. And while I was praying fervently, it suddenly dawned on me that I was telling God what to do! I had to pause and re-align my heart. God is in control, not me, I put my trust in Almighty God.


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