08 March 2011

St. Patrick

There are many reasons why I personally L-O-V-E the month of March....aside from it also being my birth month.  We get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Now, for the history buff, you know that this great holiday is so much more than wearing green and tormenting folks who don't with a pinch.  St. Patrick was a missionary!  And he took the love of God and the message of Salvation to Ireland!!  I happen to really enjoy the Veggie Tales version of the St. Patrick story.  So click the video below and enjoy a fun re-telling of Saint Patrick!!

Also, get your thinking caps on, the week of Saint Patrick's I will be hosting a special Memory Lane, and you get to tell me your favorite memory celebrating Saint Patrick's Day!!!  That will be March 17th..... woohoo!  I can't wait!!


  1. Love it ! Thanks for sharing this ! Puts a whole new perspective on St Patricks day ! God bless your blog :)

  2. My son also loves the story of St. Patrick. Visiting as a new Blogging Buddy.

    Nice to meet you!



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