20 April 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Our Noah is growing leaps and bounds!!  He will be 1 next month, I just can't believe how fast this goes!!

sitting only because he is buckled

ate too much food!!

and... they're shut.


  1. Ahh... I love those "so tired I fell asleep in my food" shots. LOL

  2. So cute! He's getting around well!

  3. What a little cutie pie....

  4. Ahh! How can it be that I didn't realize your youngest was a Noah too? And that he's practically the same age as my Noah?? How cool is that. Such sweet pictures and video!

  5. i put that together quickly the first time i visited your blog kathryn ;-) i just forgot to mention it to you, so that's my bad!

    i just wish i had a chubby baby. noah is our last and skinny like my oldest was :-( no rolls to play with during diaper changes.

    thank you all! he is a funny walker!!! it cracks me up every time!


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