16 May 2011

Woohoo.... 5,000

So, today, just now, my page views hit 5,000.  Wow.  It doesn't mean that folks have stayed to look around, it also has nothing to do with a popularity contest.  This blog has nothing to do with that sort of stuff.  It's my creative outlet, it's my mental venting space.... well, it's my blog ;-)

Thank you all who have stopped by and for the comments that you have left for me.  Thank you so much for engaging me in my rambles and your honesty. 

I am now counting down the days till my blogoversary.  That should be lots of fun.  I will probably do a couple giveaways or contests.  I have not quite put my creative thinking cap on for that ;-)  Stay tuned!!


  1. Hitting milestones is so fun! I hit 1,00 pageviews at the first of the year and I was so excited. I can't wait until 5,000!

  2. i promise you will get there emily!! i didn't think i would ever hit 1,000!!!


Thank you for your kind thoughts!!

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