25 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lots of pics for you guys today, please hang in there!!  I finally took the time to get all the pics off my phone to share, that takes a bit when you don't have the super cool data plan so I could just email to myself from the phone.

it's always nice to see my man in the blues!!

the headless hungry!

more headless hungry people!!

my tuscan sand raiders

noah's long straggly hair, before 1st buzz

sitting so still for mommy

"it sure makes some noise, ma"

ah, the man loves a buzz!!

all done, looking much better!!
we love nice buzzed heads here!!

4 buzzed boys!!  NOW he doesn't want to sit still!!!

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  1. Noah looks like a different person!

  2. You guys have a Mac, right? You can use your phone's bluetooth function to transfer the files directly to your Mac.

    See you in six days! SIX DAYS! AHHHH!!!!!

  3. i know, should be 4 now!!

    i am so sorry babe, i had to cut it!! they were all getting buzzed and you said SC is so hot already....he looks totally different to me too!

  4. Oh man, couldn't stop laughing about the headless kids at the table. They are SO clever!!

    I just cut the boys hair this week too. We have a big trip planned (family reunion etc) in June, and their hair cuts always need time to "settle" before I'm willing to let them pose for thousands of pictures by all the aunts, uncles and grandparents. Yes, that means my haircuts are not always perfect. One of these days, I'll just buzz it all off too.

  5. i can never do perfect with little boys. looking at noah's hair right now i can see 2 big swatches that i sort of missed ;-) oh well, still cute on boys huh?? they hardly ever sit still so i think no one will notice, hahahaha

  6. Give them their heads back!

  7. We buzz around here, too. Love those headless hungry men! What fun you all have :)

  8. AWww, your little guys are so cute! Reminds me that my little guys need buzz cut too! It's getting that time of year (sweaty little heads, ick!) LOL. Thanks for sharing!

    Your Blogging Buddy,

  9. Where is you at, friend? Where is you at? I need me some blogging! Lack of Kay is hurtin' my noggin! :)


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