25 July 2011

Cheap Meals

I am going to begin a label called 'cheap meals'.  Within that label I will be sharing the cost of the ingredients of the meal.  With the current economy and prices going up on EVERYTHING, it's nice to see a recipe that lets me know the ball park figure I will be spending and the fact that you can feed a tiny army (in our case 7) within a reasonable budget.

Quickly, I can't always price the spices in the amounts I use, however I will try to break down various elements to the best of my ability.  For instance, our milk is currently $3.55 a gallon.  Dividing that down by the 16 cups in a gallon, it costs me $.44 for one cup of milk.  Likewise, I divide the cost of the chicken to the breast and not the weight.  Hopefully, your packages will be similar enough that you can gain some knowledge from me doing this ;-)

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