19 July 2011

Nouns, Verbs, and Fish Fins

We are doing summer school.  In many ways, it's a bummer because I love the down time and the play time as much as the kids.  However, annual exams came back telling us that the kids didn't grasp all the English technicalities.  We also didn't finish our Science, but we usually do some group reading over the summer to keep the old brain cells working.

I know that some people wouldn't have had the kids 'repeat' the subject.  I believe their thoughtlessness and careless should be dealt with.  They will have various 'tests' throughout their life and some failures have very negative consequences.  So I want to address this now when they are young.  Also, I do believe that English and Grammar are important.  Teaching it... not so fun ;-)  So we are re-diagramming sentences.  Can you label the following sentence:

                    Five soldiers saluted smartly.

I thought I would also share with you are Zoology lessons this week because I learned something new myself.  Did you know the names of the fins on a fish??  I didn't either.  Look below and you will learn them yourself ;-)

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  1. LOVE that cartoon under your heading! My youngest screams "mama, mama, mama, over and over and over at me. When I finally say, "yes, baby?" she just smiles. aaargggh! but the "mama" as opposed to mommy, is kinda cute.
    As for the sentence...do you mean as per subject and predicate, direct objects? Or simplynoun, verb, def. pronoun, etc.?
    Only knew of dorsal fin. wow..an anal fin. interesting. LOL

  2. we do mama here too ;-) i have 5 now, and actually the 5th is the only one to say mom as first word, yay!!

    yea, the sentence has a verb, adverb, subject noun and adjective. i learn so much myself with home education ;-)

  3. the anal fin cracks me up too!!

  4. Oh my. I am sooooo lost when it comes to my sentence structure word diagramming skills. I was starting to sweat for a minute and then remembered this was just for fun. :)

  5. I actually stress out about it too, that's why I get the answer sheet ;-)

    My father emailed me and got all parts right.... smarty pants!!


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