13 September 2011

Top Ten Sayings

Top Ten {Tuesday}Top ten things heard in my house today:

10. Do we have to do school?
9.   I am hungry.
8.   Mom, you should come look at this.
7.   What do I do now?
6.   Can I get a drink?
5.   Noah has a yucky diaper.
4.   Can we have lunch yet?
3.   It wasn't me!
2.   I can't find it.
1.   M-o-o-o-o-o-m!!

Join in the fun, post your personal top ten and join ohamanda's Top Ten!!

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  1. I would also have to add, 'Mom! He looked at me!' and 'I can't pick up my toys! I'm too little!'

  2. Oh totally!!! The looking at me is the worst!!!

  3. Very funny and probably so true. My baby girl can't talk yet, but I'm sure it's coming.


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