13 February 2012

Looking back at Fall 2006

Joining in with Memory Lane today.  This is a blog posting from 2006 that I wanted to share with you all.  Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on ourselves by comparing ourselves to other mothers who seem to "have it all together."  I have realized over the years that I can always find someone who is managing life better than I am and for some crazy reason, I choose those folks to compare myself with.  I think it is healthy to look around to figure out if you are where you want to be, but it gets unhealthy when you begin to beat  yourself up over things that you either can't change or you can't change instantly.

Fall 2006
I am not June Cleaver. I need to confess this so that my readers and visitors won't read perfection nor know-it-all in my posts.

I am pretty far from her, in fact. I don't always have a cheerful smile on my face, I don't wear dresses unless coerced or forced, my hair is not always tidy, my home is not immaculate, and my children can be rambunctious. However, none of this is necessary to homeschool your children. You don't have to be ├╝ber organized with records, you just need to learn how to keep them. You don't have to have a separate, organized space for your homeschool classroom, but you do need to do it someplace. You don't have to have pretty things on the walls unless you want to. You don't have to have the patience of Job with your children, you will learn and earn it as you travel down the homeschool road with them.

Keep in mind your goals and the end result you desire with home education. What young adult do you wish to kiss on the cheek when they walk out the door? What sort of educational memories do you want your student to have? What do you want your student to say to others about homeschooling?

I find that teaching my children is a joy. I love being the one to open their mind to new things. I work very hard to see that light bulb come on in their brains during our school day. Educating my children is, simply put, fun!! And sure, it is challenging, but I don't like to dwell on that negative aspect. Really, it is very easy for humans to dwell on all things negative. So I won't. I hope you get a chance to discover this joy for yourselves!

Memory Lane

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