06 June 2012

Why I love coming home

There are many reasons why I love coming home to Iowa (though I have not been a resident for over 10 years):

-- the look of corn in rows for miles and miles. Whether they resemble green shoots sitting in acres of rows or the tall stalks I remember detassling.

-- seeing cows gathered together in a field

-- seeing farm houses hugged by trees sitting near a barn and grain silos

-- waiting to pass a tractor hauling various items

-- and reading the comic strips my mother has cut out for me ;-). I think sometimes the Baby Blues writers watch my family on a daily basis!!!


  1. I love Baby Blues! Did I tell you Charlie met the writer once? He got me an autographed sketch.
    That Zits one is the story of my life now. We go through cereal like crazy. Now that Jack is allergic to Red 40 that makes cereal buying a little more difficult.

    1. Are you finding that Red 40 is in a lot of cereal?? At least you found out what it was causing the reaction, that way you can avoid it.

      I figured you would appreciate that eating machine comic ;-) Ah boys!!


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