15 October 2012

Call me Mrs. Blue

I really love the color blue. In fact, I generally have to force myself to use other colors in decorating

This translated to my first cast as well. The nurse ran through the massive list of casting color choices and without hesitation "blue" was it!

Today I should be losing my blue accessory. I am excited and nervous. The saw always creeps me out, even though I know it won't hurt me. But today they should be removing the pin from my wrist. It currently is sticking out of my wrist inside the cast. I only notice it if I bang into something suddenly ;-)

Here's to one step closer to driving again!! And getting the first day of occupational therapy over with. I always knew I would end up in therapy after having all these kids ;-) hahaha


  1. Good to see the cast is coming off soon. It would drive me crazy having one on. I would, however, pick the color purple. :)

  2. I think everything should be blue!! But I'm glad you're losing the blue cast!!


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