06 February 2013

Music tutor app love


If you are looking for music note reinforcement, this app is for you!

There is a free version of the app and the ads run along the bottom of the screen, not in a pop up form. Pretty easy to ignore is you want to stay 'free'!

Think music note flashcards for apple products. If your kids are taking piano (like my kids are this year) this app will help them meorize note locations on the clefs.

Very simple and straight forward. Choose the clef you wish to reinforce and the duration of the test.

The app will flash a note on the clef and play the note. The app keeps track of scores and misses along with the countdown for time.

Not only is it helping my kids memorize notes, but I am getting a memory workout as well ;-). The app is not flashy, just straight forward and very useful.

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