15 March 2013

Feedly in lieu of Google Reader

Well, thanks to Karrie @I Know This Much is True, I have chosen a new blog feed reader.

I chose to go with Feedly and here is why:

It was free for my iPad.

Kay's Little Korner App Love

I can personalize my reading experience. Just the look can be listed, magazine, gallery....

And the lighting can be daytime (white) or nighttime (black)

I can also simply double tap something that looks interesting, I can bookmark it for later reading.

This app is also Twitter-able. You can have your Twitter account recognized for easing tweeting.

I can read all of my 'today' feeds.

Or I can read just one blogs feed.

I can also swipe up and quickly cruise through all the posts quickly for what catches my eye.

Lots of things to adjust and so far I have been able to leave comments on my favorite blogs.

Disqus is still giving me problems :-( But I need to make sure it's not user error and I didn't get my password correct.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have to look for another feed too. UGH!

    1. Isn't it irritating!!!!???? Golly, are they losing money or just wanting to streamline their attention. Did they say why they are cutting it? Is blogger on the chopping block?

    2. More than irritating! I have much better things to do than figure out a new concept just because Google doesn't like the product THEY created! Jeesh! I think it said July 1st of this year.


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