14 March 2013

Perfect Buttered Popcorn

Hey, want some really good buttered popcorn that isn't so yucky dripping that your fingers gross up the remote control on family movie night? Or have you ever added melted butter to your popcorn to have it all shrivel up with the wet butter? 

 A friend of mine clued me in to doing popcorn on the stove top like her mother did for years. I found a nice balance to the making and today I share it with you ;-)

I use my huge stock pot, heavy duty, and crank the heat under it to high (but keeping the gas flames under the pot).

Then I put just a little bit of oil on the bottom. I don't use olive oil because of the residue flavor it leaves.

Next, I toss in a stick of butter for the amount I make for my large family. You can certainly cut this down or out if the fat or dairy are an issue.

I sprinkle my corn kernels over the bottom lightly. You don't want to over crowd the bottom of the pan. Over crowding leads to 'old maids' and some being burnt at the bottom.

I stir the seeds around just a bit with a touch of salt. You can omit the salt if you used salted butter. I don't have salted butter, so I salt it at this point. I stir to make sure all the seeds are sitting happily at the bottom of the pot, touching the heated bottom.

On goes the lid for safety. Those kernels get pretty happy ;-)

Pull the pot off the heat source as soon as you hear the popping reduce to a few seconds in between pops. You can also crack the lid at this point to let the popcorn cool a bit.

I also stir the popcorn a little with a spoon so that any un-popped kernels can touch the hot bottom and finish themselves off.

Your popcorn is ready to eat!! I toss it with the pop corn topping 'white cheddar'. You can also toss it with other toppings or just enjoy buttery flavored popcorn that won't grease your hands all up! Enjoy!

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