07 April 2013

Just a little heart attack

Hey guys, I am trying to get the word out (thanks to Karen over at Right Where We Belong) that women can have heart attacks too and the symptoms are a tad different than they are for men. Please enjoy this humorous video, but take the message to heart and pass the word!!

My father had a heart attack 2011 and the only clue he had was a stiff jaw. That stiff jaw got his attention because that is how my grandmother described her first heart attack. Know your body and listen to it!!


  1. Such important information. My dad had a heart attack last year. Ironically, it was an email my mother had received the previous week about what to do if a WOMAN had a heart attack that helped he remember what to do. She got him care in less than 10 minutes!

    1. That is wonderful of your mother, so great that they sought help right away!! These things are scary and can be so quiet :-( How is your dad doing? My father sports a scar on his chest, but he is doing so wonderfully.


Thank you for your kind thoughts!!

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