29 April 2013

Spielberg's new movie!

This is not a real movie, though the setup was very 'punny'. Steven Spieldberg came up with a good little ditty, and I don't mind passing it along.

I may not appreciate his policies, but I do appreciate his sense of humor. Thank you, Mr. President for a good chuckle this Monday morning :-)


  1. I watched this on the White House web site. It's great that our White House is so interactive with the internet. I liked the clip but found his speech at the dinner better. He jokes well. I'm actually a supporter of his but it's good to see you can disagree with a policy and still enjoy his humor. They all make mistakes and nobody is going to please everyone on all issues. It just doesn't work that way. I disliked Bush but there were things he did that I agreed with.

    1. I want to be fair and balanced because I came from a family that will still fight dirty over politics. I have my opinions and can state them, but I won't get ugly about it. No one is perfect anyway, none of us, eh?


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