01 July 2013

Songs by daddy

Memory Lane
This week's Memory Lane is inspired by my father. I was blessed to have a good one. Do you have any memories of your father? Please link your post in or simply enjoy mine :-)

I grew up in a home of music. My father played piano, my mother sang, we girls were encouraged to play an instrument...music all around ;-)

Music was such an integral part of my childhood that I can even now hear my father singing various songs while making up his own words to them. There are some songs that I truly thought were a complete creation of my father's!!! They sounded so much like a Dad-ism!!!!

You can imagine my surprise when I heard this song on my oldies Pandora station recorded by Randy and the Rainbows called Denise. I immediately emailed my sisters in shock with a link to the song. We all had a good laugh while still maintaining that dad will always be a lyrical genius to us girls.

Thanks, dad, for the great memories!!!

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