07 March 2011

Monday, Monday...

Good Monday morning, y'all!!  You all may wonder why on earth I am sitting at my computer this morning... well, I shall tell you.

I still have children in bed.  WHAT, NO WAY, CHILDREN STILL IN BED????  Yes, as odd as that is for children in this home, there are some still in bed at 0830hrs in the morning.  For those just getting to know us, I was blessed with early risers.  By that, I mean that my children think that sleeping in till 0700 is late enough.  If I want time before the little darlings wake up, I need to be up by 0600hrs  (that is 6am, for all civilian types ;-)

Let me tell you why this particular morning is so odd for my kiddos... we put them to bed at 2045hrs last night (that is 8:45pm).  They dropped off almost right away.  I texted my hubby this morning and said "wow, kids are still in bed."  He replied "wow, we put them to bed early.  must be hitting growth spurt."

Oh yay, more growing.  See, most people read that and think 'yuck, more shoes and clothes to purchase' and you would be partly right.  But we have 4 boys in this house, along with a girl.  So a growth spurt means that my grocery bill suddenly grows along with the children.  I thought it was bad this last month when  I could NOT keep them satisfied.  My kids would eat, and JUST AFTER WE CLEANED UP THE TABLE, they were asking for a snack of some kind.  So, yay, growing kids, growing food bills.... and with gas prices up, we are going to have to cut corners someplace else.... it sure can't be TP or Tide.... hmmmm, going to brainstorm today.  I will keep you posted on what we plan to cut around here.  I might just get creative ;-)  I hope you all have a great Monday!!!


  1. I can competely understand I have three boys myself. My grocery bill shows it as well. Thanks for sharing I love your blog.

  2. Wait until you all go out to eat, you and Ben are full, then no sooner have you pulled away and the kids are saying "I'M still hungry" then you go to another eating establishment just for them!

  3. I seem to remember hearing about that.... and didn't you warn me that a buffet was the ONLY way to feed male teenagers??? ;-)

  4. Cute post. Glad you were able to enjoy a few moments this morning before the craziness ensued. I imagine the grocery bill problem is only going to get worse (TEENAGE BOYS...YIKES!) before it gets better. Way to keep a sense of humor...

  5. Hi! I appreciate your comment. It's comments like yours that keep me motivated! :))

    Hugs, Mary


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