28 September 2011

Pilrgim's Progress Discussion

PhotobucketGood Wednesday morning to you!!  For the next several Wednesdays I am hoping to share with you all the lovely journey of Christian as he traverses various perils in Bunyan's classic work, Pilgrim's Progress.

Have any of you started this book and never quite finished it?  Yea, me too ;-)  I am finally going to finish the book because it was chosesn as the study for our fall women's study at church.

Read the first 2 chapters and meet me back here next Wednesday to discuss Christian's journey.  He will begin by reading a book that opens his eyes to the coming destruction of his village.  He is going to attempt to warn others of impending danger, however he begins his journey alone since no one will listen to his warnings.  What happens to Christian next?

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  1. I had to read the whole thing for my Literature and Culture of the Restoration class in college (aka, British literature in the era after Cromwell died and Charles II regained the throne.)

    Did you know that The Pilgrims Progress is arguably the first novel written in English?! Some literary scholars claim that Robinson Crusoe was the first novel. Take your pick!

    This message is brought to you by your fave English nerd :)

  2. sweet!! didn't know that!! miss you mel!!


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