10 October 2011

Swing Dancing

www.tettelestai3.blogspot.com Here we are at Monday again, beginning another week of tasks and such. Shall we kick it off with sharing our memories? I believe we shall ;-)
Do you guys like dancing?  I do, but I am not at all talented in that area.  Our last house guests went swing dancing as an outing in Annapolis, and that just sounds like so much fun!!

I have actually been talk some ballroom dancing and some of the dances from the 50's.  When I attended Northwestern in Orange City, IA, we had a spring dance just like that.  We dragged our dates to the week long formal lessons before the dance, learned the various dances, and enjoyed showing off our talent (or lack there-of).  I had a ball that night, went with a friend and had a relaxed evening!!  My roommate also had a great evening, but hers was much more eventful.

She was a tiny thing, maybe $1.05 at the heaviest.  Her date was our male cheerleader who was well muscled and just lots of fun.  The swing numbers began to play and these guys really started hamming it up.  Kate was a dancer, Matt was also, and they looked great!!  He swung her onto his right hip, his left hip, the straddle and up she went.... and kept going!!  She was so light that he literally tossed her into the air!  We all stopped breathing as Kate became airborne, but Matt was a quick thinker.  He spun around quickly, stepped out and was able to catch her in his arms, cradle style :-)  We all broke into gales of laughter and it burned the memory into our minds.  I have such fond memories of my college days. 

If you have a memory you would like to share, please feel free to link up or simply enjoy mine :-)

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  1. I always wanted to take Swing classes with my husband but I never got him there.

    have a great week.


  2. How fun!! I would have screamed though! My hubs and I like dancing (mostly ballroom, but some latin and swing too) but we're still trying to get good at it. Such fun.


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