22 December 2011

Happy Birthday Josh

We have a birthday very close to Christmas here.  It is such a challenge to make my Joshua feel special this close to a huge holiday.  But we do try each year :-)  I did finally have to concede that his party would have to be celebrated at another time because none of the friends are around during Christmas.

I was unable to put this up yesterday because he and I were enjoying a day together, just us!!  We had a leisurely day while the other kids did their chores, then we wandered through Card Factory Outlet and did some party planning.  Just the array of colors in that store fascinates my kids ;-)

Then he and I went alone to Chic-fil-a for his milkshake and to get the van its ultimate wash by ourselves.  So he got to play with the water canon and the magnetic fish, and the amazing fish tank all by himself while getting mom all to himself.  He enjoyed his day quite a bit!!

Happy birthday Josh!!  You are my athlete, you are amazing with what you can make your body do and your ability to push past your fears.  I love your tender heart, your willingness to defend those being bullied, and your excitement with even hand-me-down clothes ;-)  I love your eyes, your soft blond hair, and your desire to still snuggle as a, now, 7 year old boy.  I love you Joshy!!

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