23 February 2012

Thankful for moderation

This week has been a bit crazy for us.  Not the "super busy, what's going on" sort of busy.  We have had a week of those crazy near miss, medical emergency related crazy weeks.

Monday hubby was sent home from his 24hr duty with an upper respiratory infection.  I was thankful it was not pneumonia (as I had feared) or worse.

That very same day he turned suddenly to answer the front door and ran his foot into our end table.  His toe swelled up and turned black.  It was too tender to put weight upon it.  We figured it was broken.  But I am thankful that it was not worse and that he could rest it all day instead of walking all over his wards doing rounds at work.

"MOM, Danny fell off the trampoline and isn't moving!!!"  I was very thankful that this situation was not what I thought it was as I ran outside in my slippers to check out my oldest son.  He was crying and breathing when I reached him.  I checked out his back and tested his leg sensation before we even considered moving him.  

Thank you Lord, for your great mercy in our lives this week.  Thank you for preserving us from major catastrophe.  Thank you for our medical insurance is good so that I don't worry about paying massive bills.  Thank you for keeping this weeks 'strength building, faith sharpening' exercises to a minimum.  Thank you for providing the calm nerves and sharp mind to manage the trials you set before me.  Thank you for walking with me through all of my life.  Amen.


  1. Oh, I was gasping just reading about what happened to your poor hubby and son. Thank God they are ok! I hope your weekend is blessed! :-)

    1. Thank you! We are hoping to have a relaxing weekend ;-)

  2. I am glad to hear that you husband is ok!! You are so right about the medical insurance too!

    Thank you for linking up!


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